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A passion for change

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Trees 6
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Silver;  cleanses, cools, catalyses; promotes change.

Template;  a natural design and blueprint: a weave of infinite possibilities.

















This journey is lit up with questions.  Questions like:

‘What does it really mean to be a human?

What is really driving my life?

Where is the hope of the future?

Are we universal travellers in human form?

How do I resolve conflict in myself?

Here’s an example of a significant question, opened up through words and pictures which contain different template shapes and patterns:

What are you made of?
Unique Signature
Trillions of Cells
A Living Pentagram

About Us


The Silver Template is an open quest with no cultural, religious or political links. We’re volunteers in it – pathfinders in the most natural ways to be creative and purposeful in life. 


Our centres

We have three main centres in the UK and we network with similar minded groups around the world. In England we have a wonderful centre in Barnet, London – it’s like a little oasis with a beautiful front garden off the main street. It has a large high-ceilinged central meeting hall used for concerts, international seminars of up to 200 people and a great range of other community events such as café nights, book launches and exhibitions. There is also a library, recording studio and healing garden. 

Currently we are upgrading all the facilities and liaising with University students to help make the Centre as inviting and relevant as possible – especially to younger generations.

And we think that you’d love a visit to our delightful rural complex in the heart of Wales where similar events are held. It has a large purpose-built main hall and cafeteria, beautiful gardens and cottage accommodation for up to 36 people. The focus there is more on residential retreats, projects and events. For example, we’ve been holding a Summer Art Exhibition there for many years with hundreds of people coming from far and wide (this year it went online).

We also have a centre in Nottingham and we sometimes travel up or down the road to see each other or be part of activities together. 


The Centre, Bath Place,
High Barnet, London

Telephone: 020 8441 2567

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